Business standards & Principles

The foundation of MJI’s culture in client service, individual empowerment, teamwork, operational excellence, service excellence and most importantly accountability is based on our corporate values and business principles.


We believe in fair business dealings where transparency dictates the nature of our communications to all parties before any commitment is made. All employees of MJI are empowered and reserve the right to say no when any part of the business discussion is deemed unfair.

Values Driven

At MJI, we believe that our values drive and influence our behaviour. These values are, and continue to be the main driving force behind the success of the MJI brand, our clients and our people.

Corporate Code of Conduct

All MJI employees abide by a strict code of conduct. This code is intended to ensure our people maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. Every employee is responsible for adhering to business practices that are in accordance to the spirit of the law as well as the values driven choices they make that dictates their behaviour. We understand that inappropriate behaviour can never be rationalised as being in the company’s interest. As such, we will not tolerate any acts of impropriety that may bring damage and disrepute to our reputation.

Client Interest

Our client’s interests always come first. Experience shows that if we serve our client’s well, our own success will follow.

Client Privacy

We regularly receive confidential information from our clients in our daily business dealings. We make it our responsibility to ensure this information is protected and used appropriately. We take a serious view to any breach of this confidentiality.

Professional Quality of the MJI Experience

Being good just isn’t good enough. We take great pride in consistently ensuring quality in what we do.  This commitment and uncompromising determination to always do better ensure that our client’s benefit from the MJI experience.

We encourage Creativity, Innovation and Imagination

In an ever-changing and challenging business landscape, our clients are facing rapidly changing needs that require pragmatic yet new and innovative solutions. This is why we recognise that the traditional way of doing things may not always be the best. We are challenged by this aspect to constantly strive to discover better solutions to solve our client’s problems. We do this by continuing to develop new and innovative services and products that are able to meet those needs.

We Respect Choices

Like any other business, we are in a growing and very competitive global business environment. As we aggressively seek to expand our business, and build on our existing as well as new client relationships, we understand and respect people’s rights to make their own choices. Therefore, it is never our practice to denigrate our competitors in order to secure business. This goes against our fundamental corporate values and business principles that we believe in and adhere to.