What Drives Us



MJI is not just another training provider. We differentiate ourselves from our competition not by what we do but rather by why and how we do it. We are in the business of helping individuals and organizations to better themselves. This serves as the main driving force and inspiration in all that we do. We achieve this by means such as training, human resource consultancy and teambuilding.


We understand that listening to our clients is important. In doing so, we are able to conceptualize and deliver effective, strategic and innovative solutions that meet each unique need. You are committed to developing your people to better themselves. We are as well.

We firmly believe having the right mindset is vital. That is why we apportion time to ensure our participants approach the learning with a positive frame of mind. Only then will they be truly motivated to use the learning to better themselves and their environment. We also believe that engagement is key in adult learning. That is why we keep things fun, interactive, relevant and applicable. Our commitment to learning reflects this.

When we started out in 2001 with a small team, our main focus was to deliver the best learning experience through our philosophy. This philosophy is that one simply cannot enforce learning on people. People must first buy-in to the idea that learning should be driven by an intrinsic and personal commitment to self-improvement. This timeless approach is key to how we motivate others to take responsibility for their own growth. At MJI we partner with you to achieve this.