Business Solutions


At MJI, we provide a wide range of business solutions to support and reinforce the diverse learning and development needs of our customers. These solutions range from conceptualising a competency based learning and development strategy for an organization to personalised executive coaching sessions. Our leadership team utilises innovative and effective methods to deliver these solutions. Some of these include methods such as scenario gaming, psychometrics and horizon scanning among others. Scroll down for more information on our diverse business solutions that can help you and your organization.


Learning & Development Strategy

Creating and executing a strategic and comprehensive Learning & Development Strategy is critical to companies. Those companies who recognize the need to link their business strategy and long-term organizational targets to their investment in learning and development initiatives are better placed to reap the benefits from these investments in people development. At MJI, we provide a host of learning solutions to augment and support these initiatives. We take an approach that combines knowledge sharing, skills acquisition and most importantly aligned attitudes and mindsets.

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Customised Interventions

MJI will work with you to understand your unique learning and development challenges and needs. Upon doing so, our team of subject matter experts will customize learning solutions that ensure effectiveness, relevancy and applicability. Our customization and programme design efforts incorporates realistic work-based scenarios as well as industry and company specific information and knowledge.

Our Design Approach
The approach we take ensures that the link is clear between the content developed and the organisation’s learning goals.  At MJI we take a vigorous design approach that ensures relevancy, engagement and practicality of application in the real-world.

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Executive Coaching

Our team of executive coaches, are committed to help individuals realize their full potential through personalized coaching initiatives. We have worked with all levels of staff to help them hone and develop critical life-skills. This in turn empowers them to be the best that they can be. These include coaching interventions in developmental functions such as:

Interpersonal communication
Performance management
Personal effectiveness
Succession planning
Talent management

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Organisational Consultancy

MJI is able to help your organisation solve macro-level people related challenges by tapping into the expertise of our organizational development experts. Our experts are committed to helping you take your business forward. We can help you from the process of problem identification right through solutions implementation. MJI can partner with you to identify and tackle the many challenges that organisations face today. These include:

Managing change
Culture building
Communication of company vision, mission and values
Implementation of a competency based training framework
Scenario planning
Strategic planning

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Scenario Gaming

At MJI we utilize dynamic and interactive learning methods to meet our customer’s needs. One such method is scenario gaming. Scenario Gaming can be used to make adult learning interactive and fun. A wide variety of topics can be adopted for the gaming. This method has helped organisations in the following areas:

Development of high performing teams
Helping virtual teams communicate and integrate more effectively
Building a mindset and culture of interdependence
Allowing functional teams (in the same country or different countries) to work better together.

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What is Psychometrics?
Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational measurement. The field is primarily concerned with the profiling and validation of personality measurement through instruments such as questionnaires, tests, and personality assessments.

How can Psychometrics help you?
MJI also offers psychometric profiling to our clients. We have consultants who are accredited administrators of these psychometric instruments. We administer these instruments for training, consulting and team building purposes. Profiling is beneficial for self and team awareness as well as a good tool to use in diversity interventions. These instruments include:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
DISC Personality Profile

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Public Seminars

In addition to the customized in-house programmes, MJI also offers a wide range of public seminars that cover a diverse selection of learning topics.

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