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One of the strategies that have contributed to our success as a company is to build a team made up of diverse and passionate individuals who share similar values when it comes to learning and development. Each member of the team believes in what they do and are very good at it. At MJI our consultants are not generalists but rather specialists in their various competencies. Our clients have benefited not just from the knowledge garnered and shared by the team but more importantly the wealth of experience and passion that each of them brings.  

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Please note that only the consultants listed here are official representatives of Matthew James International Pte Ltd.  If you are approached by individuals claiming to be working with or for MJI without the presence of a MJI representative, or you could not locate the said consultant’s profile on the MJI website, you should be aware that there could be false representation at play.

If in doubt, please contact us directly for clarification.  Alternatively, you may also visit our Anti-Fraud Legal Disclaimer page for more information regarding our Consultant Recruitment.


Matthew James

Personal Effectiveness Team Building
Presentation Skills Coaching Interpersonal Skills
MBTI and DISC Profiling    

Matthew’s passion is in helping individuals discover and unleash the potential within them. Matthew believes that every person has the potential to be excellent and influence their environment for the greater good. He helps individuals achieve this by first finding and exercising personal effectiveness in their own lives.


He is the founder and CEO of Matthew James International. He has eighteen years of experience in corporate communications, learning & development and building high performing teams. Matthew is a qualified and accredited administrator of the MBTI and DISC psychometric instruments.

He has engaged in consulting and training projects for diverse clientele throughout Asia Pacific. To date he has delivered training and coaching interventions for more than 500 companies. 

Matthew has a natural ability to engage an audience. His style is interactive, impactful, down-to-earth and challenging. A high demand for his services is attributed to his dynamic and practical approach to consulting and learning.


Zen-Leo Choo

Team Building Leadership Skills
Personal Effectiveness Interpersonal Communication
DISC Profiling    

Zen believes in a participative style of delivery. He constantly challenges his participants to think for themselves and encourages expression of diverse views.

He has twenty-five years of experience in management, communications, events planning, coaching and knowledge management.


He is actively involved in training and development and has conducted programmes for public and private sector organizations.
Zen has consulted and trained locally and regionally. Through training and consulting in a broad spectrum of corporate projects, he has garnered essential knowledge and experience in a large number of fields.  These include scenario planning, teambuilding, coaching, communication and interpersonal skills as well as leadership and supervisory skills.

He has also served as a management consultant for organisations such as the Mahkota Medical Centre in Malaysia and The Arlington Institute in the US.  


Donus Loh

Leadership Development Change Management
Emotional Intelligence Intergenerational Issues
Engagement at work    

Donus’ greatest passion is to guide people in finding happiness in their lives, so that they can contribute at their optimal level.  The sessions designed and delivered by Donus help people to rediscover engagement and commitment in their work, thus achieving a higher level of happiness and increased productivity.  


Critical factors addressed include leadership and people development, increasing psychological capital, and relationship building. 
A consummate facilitator, he is adept in providing training and coaching to leaders as well as to staff at executive and operations levels.  Currently the Principal Psychologist in MJI, Donus has a double Masters in Psychology and Clinical Neuroscience from University of Edinburgh and University College London respectively. He has trained extensively for both private and public sectors.   


Caroline J. Dawson

Business Writing Enneagram Profiling
Myers Briggs Type Indicator Profiling Interpersonal Communication
DISC Profiling    

Caroline has more than 15 years of invaluable experience as a Corporate Communication and Management Trainer and Journalist. During her numerous corporate exposure with local and foreign delegates, Caroline has provided counselling and coaching services to many multicultural individuals and teams while also mentoring fellow educators in developing their professional skills.


Caroline uses a combination of tailored activities and has mastered the art of utilising pedagogical methods with minds!
Her pragmatic real world approach ensures that she understands and responds to the real pressures and issues faced by adult learners especially. By closely observing and identifying individuals with special learning needs, she has maintained that experiential, innovative teaching methods and highly interactive curriculum are key motivational factors that enhance one’s communication and personal development skills.


Betty Kansekine

Customer Communications Mind Mapping
Leadership Development Business Writing
Personal Effectiveness    

Betty believes in the power of maximizing one’s potential through improving and changing oneself from the inside out. She’s passionate about empowering individuals to be the best they can be. She achieves this through developing competencies in valuable life skills such as Effective Communication, Inspirational Leadership, Innovative Management, Creative Thinking and Personal Effectiveness.


She enjoys a diverse global background studying, living and working in the United States and Japan for 17 years serving the aviation, financial and legal industries. She is an ACTA certified trainer and a licensed instructor of gurus Dr Edward de Bono and Tony Buzan. Betty focuses on relevant application-based approaches. She has consulted across the globe for both public and private sectors.


Patricia Lopez

Performance Management Organisational Development
Talent Assessment and Management MBTI Profiling
Employee Engagement    

Patricia Lopez is a Human Resources professional and Communications Consultant with a 16 year track record in training and consulting. In her nearly 20 years in Singapore, Patricia’s work has brought her to just about every major city in the region, where she has delivered HR and learning solutions to MNCs, SMEs and Government organizations.


Patricia’s guiding principle in providing solutions to her clients is her outcome-based approach to projects. Her core capabilities are in designing and delivering HR talent management interventions, developing communications strategy in times of change, and designing and delivering powerful training programs which address organizational challenges.


Tan Swee Heng

Leadership Development Culture and Diversity
Interaction Skills Strategic Thinking
Driving High Performance    

Known for his highly engaging style, Swee Heng is passionate about raising quality leaders and talents, helping people interact more effectively, developing effective team coaches and helping organizations become higher performing. He trains in countries such as China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


Swee Heng has 30 years of management and practitioner experience in both MNCs and the public sector. He is a certified Professional Trainer, Learning Coach, Stakeholder-centred Executive Coach and a qualified Social Style interaction tool trainer.


Rachpal K Tulsi

Enneagram Personality Profiling Leadership and Team Development
Personal and Executive Coaching utilising the Harrision Job Success AnalysisDriving High Performance Assertiveness Skills
  Interaction Skills

Rachpal believes in helping individuals to develop new thinking patterns and apply new perspectives in their work.  She has over ten years’ experience in training, organizational development, mentoring and coaching.


Rachpal has had extensive experience working with top management to conceptualize strategies for communicating the organizational mission and vision to its employees and the successful immersion of new employees to the organization. 

As an Executive and Performance Coach, Rachpal has helped individuals to develop strategies to increase motivation, to focus on outcome-based strategies and to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones. Rachpal has extensive experience in coaching both Senior Management and High-Potential Executives using 360-degree feedback. She also provides organizational consultancy, studying organization’s systems and providing solutions to improve the systems and implement change initiatives. 

Rachpal holds a Masters in Education and Human Development from George Washington University. She also holds a Master’s Certification in NLP.


Yvonne Low

Performance Management MBTI Profiling
Competency-based Interviewing Skills Career Development

Yvonne is a professional trainer, curriculum designer, talent developer and training manager with over 16 years of experience across various industries. She facilitates high-quality management and leadership, personal effectiveness and career development workshops for junior to middle-level managers workshops.


Yvonne is passionate about helping individuals grow and develop and brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to her workshops. She relates well to all levels of people in an organisation and builds constructive and effective relationships. Her facilitation style is interactive and she creates a learning environment that encourages participants to share and learn from one another.

Yvonne has a Masters in Education & Human Resource Development from George Washington University. Her clients include a mix of private and public sector clients.


LTC (Ret) George Thomas

Team Building Interpersonal Skills
Leadership Development Problem Solving and Decision Making
Managing Change and Stress Management

George has a reputation for excellent audience engagement when training. His greatest passion is for people to discover their potential in life and who are committed to the improvement of leadership and team building in others as well as in themselves. His personable approach to training and his ability to engage his participants with humor in the process of training them makes him a very well received and effective trainer.


This was honed through the 22 years in the SAF where he demonstrated dynamic leadership and outstanding management skills in various command and staff appointments. He has a Masters in Organisational Leadership and clients who have had the opportunity of being trained by George have consistently given him very good feedback.


Deepa Pillai

Business Writing Leadership Skills
Coaching Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Interpersonal Skills    

Deepa’s passion is to empower others and guide them in their own transition towards being more confident and dynamic communicators. A lecturer, coach and trainer, Deepa delivers customised, client-driven and innovative training programmes which are both engaging as well as impactful. 


Deepa's portfolio includes clients from multi-national corporations to government agencies in Singapore, Malaysia and India. She also lectures at Singapore Institute of Management where she teaches a degree program in Communications.

Deepa holds a Master’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Texas and is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro - Linguistic Programming.


Bryan Martin

People Management Team Building
Customer Communication DISC Profiling
Knowledge Management    

Bryan Martin believes in empowering individuals to become better through equipping them with essential life skills. He has a combined 20 years of experience in sales and customer relations in the transportation, shipping and logistics sectors. 


Bryan’s professional expertise and down-to-earth nature allows him to connect with participants he trains and he is able to ensure his sessions are relevant to the needs and expectations of participants. Bryan has consulted with diverse organizations in his capacity as a training consultant.

Bryan is an accredited DISC Personality trainer and his core areas of expertise in training development include interpersonal skills, customer relations, teambuilding, personal effectiveness, public speaking and knowledge management.


Anndelle Lee

Business Process Improvement - 6 Sigma Time Management
Customer Communications Interaction Skills
Problem Solving and Decision Making    

Anndelle’s motto is “Constantly Learning and Experiencing” and this fuels a passion to help individuals and organisations to continually improve. Her training and consulting projects has taken her to almost every corner of the China market. Her consulting experience also helps companies improve their business process planning.


Additionally she assists organisations to achieve substantial annual net cost-savings and improve their efficiency levels She holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Anndelle is currently a certified business consultant for governments funding projects for SMEs, and a trainer for Lean Six Sigma Basic. She can deliver programmes fluently in both English and Mandarin.


Sulabha Menon

Communication Skills Voice Training
Interaction Skills People Effectiveness
Presentation Skills    

Sulabha believes that every individual has the ability to grow and get to their “next level”. 

This propels her passion in training as she herself has experienced transformational changes in her life through being a graduate of the esteemed Peak Potentials Quantum Leap Programme.  


She is passionate about imparting knowledge in an engaging and enriching manner to ensure that every trainee reaps benefits from the training and experiences growth.  Sulabha is also a professional Master of Ceremony and Voice-Over Artiste.  Coupled with these additional talents, she has led trainings in communication skills, motivation, presentation skills among others for both corporate organizations and MOE schools.