At MJI we are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals who share the same passion for learning and consulting to join our leadership team.

What MJI looks for
  A passion for learning
  A proven track record
  Experience and expertise
  A problem-solver

These are the qualities we look for in an ideal candidate.

Do you have what it takes to succeed as part of the MJI team?

  Passion for Learning: Our leadership team have a strong sense of belief in what they do. We believe we can impact and influence others to better themselves through our learning solutions. A passion for life-long learning is what drives us. We also aim to share our belief in life-long learning with others and thus making them accountable for their own growth and development.
  Energy: Training and consulting requires tremendous amount of energy. Passion drives and fuels energy. We are looking for people who can positively affect their environment with this energy.
  Proven track record: MJI takes pride at our high level of consistently delivering quality learning and consulting interventions for our clients. The results have had a positive impact on the people we work with, whether helping teams to function interdependently or one-on-one coaching sessions. Our clients and partners have benefited from this and as a result frequently refer more business opportunities to us.
  Expertise and Experience: The MJI leadership team are made up of individuals who are subject matter experts in specific areas of training and consulting. We believe that theoretical knowledge of a subject is not sufficient. Our team couples knowledge with invaluable experience in their respective fields. This projects a strong sense of credibility when sharing from personal experience. Our clients benefit from this.
  Problem-solving: Consulting is all about helping clients to find solutions to the problems and challenges they face. We look for candidates who have the ability to contextualise complex problems, analyse the situation and propose pragmatic solutions.

If you possess these qualities, we would love to start a conversation with you. Contact us and join the team that makes a difference.